Birat Medical College

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Birat Medical College, Nepal

Birat Medial College (BMC) is the newest medical school in Nepal. Established in 2014 as an extended program of Kathmandu University, BMC is now gearing up for its fifth intake. Each year 75 national and international students join us to pursue their life-long passion and goals.

Even though BMC is relatively new, its history in the context of Nepal has been one of significance. Birat Medical College and Teaching Hospital as we are now known as began with a single bedded clinic in 1991. Dr Gyanendra Man Sing Karki, our chairman, has always been a visionary leader and a patriot of Nepal. Completing his MD with a specialty in Obstetrics and Oncological Gynecology from former USSR, Dr. Karki always knew he wanted to contribute to the healthcare of Nepal. Even with vast opportunities presented to him around the world, he knew his dedication for his own people outweighed any materialistic gains. Dr. Karki has always believed than Nepal is more than just the capital and should be developed in its entirety, rather than centralising where gains are the greatest. It is with this belief for the need to decentralize healthcare that Dr. Karki in 1993 moved to Biratnagar, a southeastern city of Nepal, where he started his private practice. Being able to provide a super-specialty service to a much needed community helped a lot of people in need. What started as a single-bedded clinic turned into a 25-bedded Birat Nursing Home by 1994. Being one of the first private hospitals outside of the city, numerous patients not only benefitted from not having to travel to India or Kathmandu, but our center was able to provide healthcare services for neighboring Indian patients as well.

By year 2000, Birat Nursing Home managed to grow into 50-bedded tertiary care hospital on its own premises where it still stands. It was at this center that Birat hospital has managed to make significant contribution to our people and the country as whole. We became pioneers of utilizing many technological advances, services and techniques that first entered Nepal and are still recognized as the only advanced laparoscopic gynecological surgery center in Nepal.

By year 2004, we understood the need for passing on our vastly accumulated knowledge to the next generation. It was with this vision in mind that we first entered our academic mission by establishing Birat Health College (BHC), a nursing school. Today, Birat Health College has over 900 students enrolled in 11 separate heath allied disciplines. BHC has not only produced thousands of much required health workforce for Nepal but also helped Birat Nursing Home sustain its health workforce requirement and quality.

By year 2011, we were ready to expand on our health care academic mission. It was in this year that we took the Letter of Intent (LOI) to establish a new medical school in Nepal. After being 3 years in the pipeline of constant construction and lobbying, BMC came into existence as the newest medical school in August, 2014 and by November, 2014 we had our first batch of 75 students that are still studying with us. Since then BMC has never stopped expanding neither its health care services nor its academic facilities. By 2015, we established a new stand-alone community-oriented teaching hospital that as of 2018 is a comprehensive 350-bedded tertiary care hospital. Combined we see thousands of patients each day and are well geared towards becoming a prominent medical institute of the future.

Why choose Medicine at BMC?

Learn from the best
BMC has a commitment to the excellence that underpins all of the campus’s activities, particularly teaching and research. We attract faculty of international standing, many of whom have extensively worked in the numerous research centres and esteemed universities, nationally and internationally. These academic leaders, many of whom with doctoral qualifications, pass on their expert knowledge to students, who then gain a respected qualification and skills required in today’s challenging medical environment.

A highly supportive educational environment
The comparatively small size of the school (around 100 in each year group) allows staff to get to know students individually and this encourages a friendly atmosphere. You will be allocated a mentor who will be concerned with your personal welfare and academic development as we aim to provide a supportive environment in which you can thrive. Our advising system is highly regarded within the University.

The location advantage
A strong public- private healthcare system, a large pool of skilled labour and favourable business environment means that Biratnagar has become one of the most popular destination for medical services in Nepal. Central to this development has been a concerted push by the government to establish Biratnagar into a Metropolitan City and develop it as a regional hub for medical tourism, with a focus on providing world-class facilities and highly trained healthcare workers. Strong links with industry and excellent research capacity have also helped turn Biratnagar into a leading centre for referrals from different sections of Nepal, as well as some parts of India. We thus serve a diverse local community where you will develop your clinical skills and knowledge. Our location in the south-east of Nepal will help enhance your experience. Moreover, Biratnagar offers you many exciting opportunities to develop an understanding of health and the treatment of disease in a global and international context. Many curricular and extra-curricular developments are underway to support learning in this area.

Outstanding rural program
With a mind-set to address health workforce shortages, and under deserved poor communities, primarily in rural and regional Nepal, BMC has continually grown to partner up and run community based outreach programs, that aim to lead and direct the rural health agendas through the highest quality education, training, research and community services. Through such outreach satellite centres, BMC offers a unique opportunities for our undergrad students to familiarize themselves with hands-on experience that would enhance their ability to acquire skills in dealing with current health issues through direct exposure with mass and users.

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