MBBS admission in Kazakh National Medical University - Kazakhstan

Kazakh National Medical University - Kazakhstan fees structure

MBBS Fees Kazakh National Medical University - Kazakhstan

1st Year Fees

Tuition Fee Hostel Fee Total for first year
$5000 $400 6200$

Ticket delhi to Almaty =$350
Visa stamping in India,insurance = $300
Documentation, visa extension $150

2nd Year to 5th Year Fee

Academic Year Tuition Fee
2nd Year 4,700 USD
3rd Year 4,700 USD
4th Year 4,700 USD
5th Year 4,700 USD
  • Hostel Fee - 700 USD per year (Approx)
  • Food - 100-115 USD per Month
  • Medical Insurance 200 USD per year form 2nd to 5th Year

Kazakh National Medical University - Kazakhstan

MBBS admission in Kazakh National Medical University - Kazakhstan is that the world's 9th largest country within the world and it's famous for its culture or good quality of education or living. the schools of Kazakhstan provide the simplest quality of education at a really cheap and affordable price that a student can afford easily. the value of living in Kazakhstan is extremely less if we compare it with other countries. there's 5 years MBBS program within the university and therefore the study is in English medium. Most of the universities are recognized by WHO or MCI which suggests that degree is globally recognized across the planet.

There are many locations around the world to study MBBS for Indian students but Kazakhstan offers diversity and outstanding opportunity not only for the international student, but also for the individual looking for a country and city to make his other mark in after achieving a quality education. With MBBS schools and programs welcoming international students, the process of obtaining your MBBS education here is easier to do than one might think. The rewards are numerous, too, especially for an MBBS individual that wants to learn about a diverse culture.

Kazakh National Medical University is a university in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It was established in 1931, and the first rector was S.D. Asfendiyarov. In 2001, the government classified it as a "national" university.

KazNMU happens to be one of the best medical university in Central Asia, situated in Almaty city in Kazakhstan. The university is MCI & WHO approved that believes to produce world-class doctors by providing students 100% safety, security, better foods, high-quality education, and a world-class internship with a great learning ecosystem. Our MBBS students from India have reached the universities in Kazakhstan for September 2019 intake. The students are very happy and cumulated very well in the Finest and most accommodating university of Kazakhstan, they interacted with Professors, Students, Deans, and Hostel Staff during interactive sessions. KazNMU provides with delicious Indian food, best-in-class hostels, and exemplary services to Indian Students.

For 89 years of its rich history, the main source of personnel the Kazakhstan of public health, SanzharAsfendiyarov Kazakh national medical University trained almost 80 000 doctors of different specialties,high-level professionals who have made a significant contribution to the protection of life and peoplehealth. Every third doctor of the country today is a graduate of KazNMU. And here they got the basics ofmedical knowledge, kindness and mercy.

MBBS in Kazakh National Medical University, is a milestone in the history of education, medicine and the country asa whole. These are traditions that have become the basis of professionalism. It is a large medical fraternity,the connection of times and names, time for energy of scientists and teachers. The University, which builtits foundation on the basis of science, education and practice, can rightly be proud of its achievements.Quality organization of training, scientific and clinical activities, high level of qualification of doctors,recognition medical community has become a visiting card of KazNMU.

University history began from 1930 with one medical faculty. Now it is a huge University complex withunique infrastructure and modern multi-level system of continuous training of medical workers. Despite ofmany difficulties the staff of KazNMU passed through complex, innovative way.

The graduates were nominated to the highest position of health care in different periods of the country’slife. For example, 8 future people’s Commissars and Ministers of health care of Kazakhstan, 3 rectors ofmedical universities of Kazakhstan, 19 heads of research institutes, SC, 6 heads of regional healthinstitutions, 6 world Champions, 2 Olympic Champions, 71 honored workers of science of the Kazakh SSR andHonored workers of Kazakhstan, 45 Honored doctors of the Kazakh SSR, 46 Academicians of USSR Academyof medical Sciences, national Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan and t 17 Winners of the State award RK.Two students of KazNMU, Manshuk Mametova and Vladimir Ivanilov, immortalized their names, becomingHeroes of Soviet Union.

KazNMU today takes 1st place in training all specialties of bachelor’s degree in healthcare and pharmacy, 1stplace in the National rating of medical Universities, 1st place in the National rating of educational programshealth care on 5 educational programs of pre-diploma level of training; 1st place in the Independent rating ofuniversities of Kazakhstan; the highest rate of employment graduates comprises 96%; Almost 10 000students, interns, residents, undergraduates and doctoral students from 17 countries of the worldrepresenting 34 nationalities; 6 faculties, 8 specialties of bachelor’s degree, 7 master’s degree specialties, 5 internship specialties, 31 specialty of residency, 4 laboratories, 7 academic buildings, 7 dormitories; 116partner universities from 27 countries.


  • The quality of education at Kazakh National Medical University is at par with that in India.
  • The cost of living in Kazakhstan is very less.
  • The harmonious international relations that Kazakhstan has with other countries make it possible for students to take part in student exchange programs.
  • The students are provided practical training regarding medical work.
  • The duration of MBBS course at Kazakh National Medical University is 5 years.
  • Kazakh National Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India.


  • 7 educational buildings
  • Centre of practical skills
  • Testing center with 8 computer studies
  • 6 reading halls
  • Internet Study at 120 places

Foreign Students Department:

Generally, most of the universities closed their MBBS admission process in Kazakh National Medical University - Kazakhstan of MBBS Courses in Kazakhstan within 15th of July. Kazakh National Medical University - Kazakhstan has been performing specialist training for foreign citizens since 1992. Over this period more than 1500 foreign students have become the University graduates. At the moment more than 1000 foreign citizens from 55 countries study here.

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