Transferring to a New University

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Transferring to a New University

One of the great strengths of American higher education is the ease with which students can transfer from one college or university to another. For example, it is not unusual for a student from California to transfer to a Michigan school, or for someone attending a small private college to transfer to a large, comprehensive public university.

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Students who attend a community college to complete lower division general education requirements can transfer to a university. There, they can take upper division courses and thereby complete a bachelor’s degree. Such an approach is commonly known as “2 + 2,” though it may take more than four years to complete all of the courses required for a bachelor’s degree.

Importance of Accreditation

Transferring to, or from, institutions that are not regionally accredited is not recommended. If a student attends a school that lacks regional accreditation, there is a risk that the courses completed will not transfer to an accredited institution.

Making Transfers Easy

Many colleges and universities have special arrangements known as “articulation agreements” with other institutions. Generally speaking, such agreements allow “seamless” transfer with little or no loss of credit and time. For example, an engineering student may study for three years at the undergraduate level at one college, then transfer to another college for two more years. The student can receive both a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the end of the five-year program of study. Sometimes such arrangements are known as a “3+2” programs since they are designed to be completed in a total of five years.

All the 115 California community colleges have articulation agreements with the California State University system and the University of California system. This means that if a student successfully completes the general education requirements for California State University or the University of California at Santa Monica College, for example, he or she can transfer and complete the last two years for the bachelor's degree.

Don't allow some of the drawbacks of transferring deter you. If you plan ahead, a transfer can be an excellent way to accomplish your educational goals and enrich your experience with American higher education. Just as shifting gears in a car is a way to get more speed and power from the engine, transferring from one college or university to another can propel you to greater accomplishments.

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