Living Large in Small Spaces

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Living Large in Small Spaces

The apartments you live in during your college years are not likely to be very spacious, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable and stylish. Creating the apartment you want out of the space you have can be accomplished by keeping these tips in mind.


There are many ways to make a small space have a big impact, but you’ll have to be creative. Furniture that doubles as storage is an excellent way to save space while creating an inviting environment for your friends. You can also use small tricks to create more space out of nothing. For example, grab a shoe rack for the back of your door to free up space on the floor. Get a hutch for your desk to hold study supplies, books and any random pencils and pens laying around to create an organized study spot with access to any resources you may need. Make your rooms feel bigger by hanging mirrors across from windows to increase the natural light in your apartment and create an open and warm feeling.

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When considering what furniture to bring to your apartment, plan upwards, not outwards. For example, raise your bed to create extra room underneath it to store large bins containing anything you need to get out of your closet or desk drawers. Consider stackable shelves that are more vertical than horizontal, which will keep all your clutter up and out of the way, and not take up much room.


In a small apartment, you have a lot less room to be messy. Staying organized can make your living space feel a lot bigger than it is. Adding small bins to catch miscellaneous clutter is a great way to keep your space looking fresh. Fit more in your closet by adding hanging shelves, thin hangers or an extra closet rod that hangs below your clothes, doubling your storage space. Staying on top of a clean kitchen, putting clothes away and taking out the garbage will free up floor, counter and closet space and impress guests.

Cleaning out what you don’t need is another way to make the most of your small living quarters. Donate or sell old clothes that aren’t your style anymore. Instead of buying furniture that may not fit in your new space, consider renting furniture instead. Renting makes the move-in process very convenient because you don’t have to worry about the stress, hassle and cost of buying, moving, and storing furniture. Keeping tidy and cleaning out things you don’t need will open your apartment up for more relaxation and study space.

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