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MBBS Fees St Petersburg State Medical University, Russia

FEE IN INDIAN RUPEES(approx.) 2,95,000 Rupees/yr. 50,000 Rupees/yr. 3,45,000 Rupees/yr. 20,70,000 Rupees (approx.)( for 6 years)
PREPARATORY COURSE (Duration 10 months) 2500 US Dollars 600 US Dollars 3100 US Dollars 200,000 Rupees

MBBS Admission in St.Petersburg State Medical University Russia

St. Petersburg State Medical University Russia.The Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University was founded in September 14 (26) 1897 as the Medical Institute for Women. It was the first institution both in Russia and Europe that provided an opportunity for women to acquire higher medical education. Academy has become one of the leading medical center in the country. Since the inception, it has adopted, as its main principle, a unique teaching methodology, which is based on combination of the best Russian medical educational traditions with methods of Western Education System. The present name, St Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University, was given to our University in 1994 by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. The University contributes considerably to development of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services in Russia and it is recognized in the World as a big center for training specialists in various medical areas.Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University is the only higher medical school in the city that has a polyclinic attached to the University. Year 2010 saw the 175th anniversary of the founding of the polyclinic.

University from various countries around the world, which emphasizes the Academy’s excellent reputation. Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy’s policies provide for equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment and admission to all programs of the Academy. The Academy graduates are sought by employers everywhere for their knowledge and reputation as innovators, leaders, and team players. I wish Academy could be a starting point for a challenging professions and prestigious carrier of a medical doctor.

Today, bringing together traditions and innovations, St. Petersburg University determines the pace for the development of science, education, and culture in Russia and around the world.Each year, more than 3,000 foreign nationals enter St. Petersburg State University (SPBU) for full-time, part-time and exchange programs.

Academic Ranking of World Universities), which prove the success of our development strategy.Major universities and major corporations are our academic and business partners.

MBBS in St Petersburg State Medical University

The SPSMU has a long and proud tradition of educating Russian and international students. More than 35,000 physicians graduated from the Academy. Since beginning the international program in 1947 there have been more than 3500 international graduates from more than 50 countries. Currently there is a total student population of over 5,000.

The educational programs of the main faculties of Saint-Petersburg Pavlov Medical University are based on state educational standards, worked out by Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation.

Educational work at the University is based onthe concept of the multi-stage system of specialists training on the programs of various levels of medical education. There is University education training, training in the programs of higher education, as well as post-graduate training of doctors.University encloses 112 departments, which are consolidated in 9 faculties: Faculty of general medicine (consists of 24 departments), medical-prophylactic Faculty (consists of 29 departments), the surgical Faculty (consists of 13 departments), therapeutic faculty (consists of 15 departments), the pediatric Faculty (consists of 10 departments), medical – biological Faculty (consists of 10 departments), the Faculty of foreign students, the Faculty of education for nurses, health care and social work (consists of 5 departments), dentistry faculty (consists of 6 departments).

Campus Life for students in St Petersburg State Medical University

The most popular topics for graduate and graduate international students are psychology, law, journalism, international relations, sociology, economics, and management. Apart from this, fields related to popular linguistics, art, and humanities, literature, design, and science. Such as applied mathematics and information science and applied mathematics and physics. There are two main campuses of the University: in Vasilyivsky Island. And a Southwestern suburb of Peterhof (formerly Petrogvarates) in the heart of the historic city. Which can be reached by the railway from the city's Baltisky Rail Terminal. The main building of the University is on the twelve Collegiate, Wasilivsky Island. And it includes the library, the Faculty of Biology and the Institute of Earth Sciences.The Faculty of Faculty and Oriental Studies share the faculty of the 18th century Petrin Baroque. Building near the Bolshevik Neva on the University of Kiev, which was designed by Domenico Trezini and originally as the Palace of Russia's Palace II. Was made. The New Gostini Davar was designed by Jaakko Quarnegie and was built in the 19th century in that part of the island.

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