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Shantou University, China

Tuition Fees

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition 60,000/year
Application Fee 500
Accommodation 1500/month (single room)
Textbook Fee 5000/year
Medical Insurance Fee 600/year
Living Expense (Only be a guide) Utility: About 6,000/year for power and water supply and internet
Food: 20,000/year
Transportation and Other Activities: 5,000/year

Shantou University (STU), founded in 1981, is a comprehensive public university located in southeast coast of China, jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Li Ka Shing Foundation. It is the only public university in the world that receives long-term funding from the Li Ka Shing Foundation.

The University consists of 8 colleges and schools, namely, College of Liberal Arts, College of Sciences, College of Engineering, Medical College, Law School, Business School, Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, and Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication. Since its inception, Shantou University has received a generous support from the distinguished philanthropist and international entrepreneur, Mr. Li Ka-shing. The Li Ka Shing Foundation has earmarked grants of HK$8 billion through 2018 to support Shantou University (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business included).

Shantou University is committed to offering student-centered education with the educational idea of “Building Up Oneself for the Pursuit of One’s Selflessness”. It is engaged in reforms related to university governance and talent development, and also planning to relocate Medical College into the main campus and to develop a globally advanced curriculum focusing on life science. Since 2001, the University has conducted a profound internationalization-oriented reform, and overseas talents have been recruited to serve as provost, vice president and deans. Through a series of reforms in curriculum design, teaching, resources management and human resources system, it aims to offer a platform for the exploration of higher educational reform in China.

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is an important part of Shantou University. SUMC exists to lead by being student-centered in medical education; patient-centered in health service delivery; application-centered in biomedical and clinical research; public interest-centered in community services; faculty and staff-centered for sustainable development of SUMC. Guided by the core values of innovation, dedication and exemplary professionalism, SUMC continually strengthens education, research and healthcare services that meet international standards.

Admission to Shantou University

You can already apply for September 2018 to study MBBS in China. Shantou University Medical College offers a high quality education with many different advantages compared to other MBBS programs. Applying early pays of, so make sure to start your application as soon as possible.

Shantou University Medical College, short SUMC, is located in the city of Shantou on the eastern coast of Guangdong Province and on the verge of the China South Sea. The MBBS program is five years in duration and leads to a bachelor degree. The applicants who hold a bachelor degree and have completed all the first year courses are eligible for direct entry to the second year.

  • Internationally accepted assessment tools are used to asses the student’s performance and include:
    • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
    • Teaching Objective Structured Clinical Examination (TOSCE)
    • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), average pass rate of 93-98%
    • China’s Medical Licensure Examination, average pass rate of 100% (national average is only 20%)
  • Courses are taught in English with well established international textbooks
  • Application based learning, the program includes a 1 year clinical internship (see full curriculum)
  • Excellent facilities for learning and free time activities


Students are eligible to apply for Beijing Government Scholarship only after successful completion of one academic year at CMU. Scholarships are available for international students for Master, Bachelor, Non-degree and Doctoral studies.


Shantou University Medical College currently has two campuses: the original medical campus in the historic center of Shantou city, and another modern campus shared with the main campus of Shantou University in the northeastern suburbs.

Preparations are being made to relocate the entire Medical College to the university’s main campus, bringing together all colleges of Shantou University and allowing us to create a fully integrated multidisciplinary life sciences center. One of the world’s most prestigious architecture firms has been commissioned to design the new campus space. Supported by the Li Ka-shing Foundation, they are building a unique and innovative learning environment that will unite Man with Nature, and be conducive to the nurturing of creativity among students and staff.

Direct Admission Process in Shantou University

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