MBBS Admission Process In Russia

mbbs admission process in russia

Applying for Admission to a Russia Program

Admission process in Russia is based on many steps. So before perusing to study in Russia, you should know well about the admission process for international students. International students can continue their studies on paid academic programs on study or educational contracts with the university. And the other options are Russian state scholarships or funded programs. Here we are presenting you the step by step guidance, for your admissions process to Russia.

Russia MBBS Admission Process

First you need to explore your options in Russia. There are hundreds of higher education institutes offering Medical, Engineering, Arts, Culture, History, Law, Management and lot more. So need to check the best suited option as per your interests.


After selecting the right faculty and university for you, the main admission process starts by filling the application of universities. You need to check the admission office of the universities for international applications. If you want state funded and privately sponsored programs, then you need to send their scholarship application as well.

International students have equal rights of admission in Russia. But it is always advisable to apply in multiple universities at the time of admission. As you may get rejections on academic grounds from one or another.

The fee for each application is US$35 to US$100. This money pays for processing your application and is non-refundable, even if you aren't admitted to the school. If you mail your application, make sure to contact the admissions office to confirm your application was received.

The admissions office will review your marks earned during the last four years of secondary school. Your results from your country's national secondary school examinations will also be reviewed. If you are applying to a graduate program, your marks from university or college will be taken into consideration.


Your international Identity, i.e. your valid passport, foreign documents of education along with the original documents of secondary school certificates (or diplomas), personal statement recommendation letters, pictures, university form and CV providing all the relevant information.

For Masters or Specialist degrees; you need to send your original bachelor's degree to the university. A subject specific research statement is also required for post graduate study in Russia. All of your educational credentials are needed with Russian translations.

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