MBBS Admission Process in Russia

Orel State University

MBBS Admission Process in Russia

Orel State University Russia

MBBS Admission Process in Russia Orel State University was founded in 1931 as an industrial-Pedagogical Institute , which is on September 11, 1996 renamed into the Orel State University. Orel State University is located in the city Oryol, distance between Moscow and Oryol is 325 kilometers.

Orel State University is unique in many aspects.MBBS Admission Process in Russia 2019 Orel State University is the only classical university who is the member of the Association of classical universities of the Russian Federation and the only educational institution in the region which provide training on a wide range of areas and specialties of higher and postgraduate education, training, retraining. Orel State University is the only institution that gives professionals in the area of most humane professions like doctors and teachers. Currently, Orel State University implements 110 basic educational programs of higher education in large groups of 14 training areas and specialties.Orel Medical College Students Today the university is the successor of the best tradition of Russian medical education. At present the Medical institute of Orel state University has 17 department, which employ more than 100 full-time teachers, of whom more than 30 Doctors Professors, 77 associate professors 3 Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, 8 Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, 12 academicians and 11 corresponding members of various public academies.

Clinical bases of the Institute are leading medical diagnostic and Medical institutions of the city of Orel and Orel Region: Regional Hospital, Children’s Regional Hospital, City Emergency Hospital named after NA Semashko,Admission Process in Russia the Regional Perinatal Center, Regional TB Dispensary, Botkin City Maternity Hospital, Regional Cancer Center, Regional TB Dispensary, Regional Skin and Venereal Diseases Hospital, clinic & Pharmacies in City of Orel.


  • Faculty of Medicine (medical institute of Orel State University)
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Technology Entrepreneurship and Service
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages


The library is a focal point of study in any educational institution. OSU’s libraries have over 8, 00,000 copies of books. Each student accounts for over 240 copies of tuition literature annually. The library offers a pleasant environment in which to study and with extensive opening hours that include evening and Sundays. All Books are provided free of cost to all students studying in English medium course . Easy access to computers is an essential part of any study program, & the IT facilities at Orel State University are of first class. You can also access internet in the campus of Academy and internet facility is also available in every hostel room for unlimited free downloads.

HOSTEL The University is proud of its modern dormitory housing 1100 people . Every section has two Cozy rooms,a kitchen, a shower and a bathroom . The hostel for international students is Located in the very center of the city 30mtr from the University’s main building. Hostel has well Equipped Rooms with all modern Facilities for 3 seated big rooms upgraded comforts, central Heating. Reception, laundry, cleaning & washing personals, reading room, computer hall. Cost of living in Russia can be completely affordable and can also make it a comfortable place to live in.

MBBS Fees for Orel State University, Russia (MBBS Fee Structure 2018)

1st Year Fees 3900 US Dollars 300 US Dollars 4200 US Dollars 2,66,000 Rupees
2nd & 3rd yr. Fees 3900 US Dollars/yr. 300 US Dollars/yr. 4200 US Dollars/yr. 2,66,000 Rupees/yr.
4,5,6th yr Fees 3200 US Dollars/yr. 300 US Dollars/yr. 3500 US Dollars/yr. 2,22000 Rupees/yr.
Total estimated fees for 6 years 3900 US Dollars/yr. 300 US Dollars/yr. 23100 USD RS. 15,00,000 (approx.)
ADMISSION DATE 01-06-2018 T0 31-07-2018

1 US Dollar = 65 Indian Rupees
Course Duration
5 years 8 months
Academic year: Orel State University consists of two semesters. First semester starts on the 1st of August every year. Second semester starts on the 1st of February every year.
Food: Usually a sum of 100 USD (INR 6500) per month is enough for food and to pay some extra costs.
Tuition Fee – Includes Study Materials, Examination Fee. Library, charges and Laboratory Charge
Hostel Fee – Includes Accommodation, Bedding, Furniture, Kitchen and Centralized Room heating
Total Seats Available = 80
Last Date of Application 30 July 2018

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