Learning Russian in Russia

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Learning Russian in Russia

Studying Russian as a foreign language is becoming more and more popular all over the world, with the language gaining ever-growing prominence in the fields of academia, business and culture. Language Link is delighted to offer a range of Russian courses to suit the needs of students, business professionals, teachers or simply those looking for interesting ideas for a vacation!

Whether your interest is for academic purposes, for business or purely for the joy of the language and culture themselves, studying Russian in Russia is the best way to get to grips with the subject. We run a variety of programmes of different lengths, intensities and focuses, starting at varying times throughout the year. Students studying Russian as part of a university programme may come to Language Link for a semester or a year, beginning in September or at the end of February according to their wishes. For those who prefer a shorter course, we run a selection of special programmes, such as “Easter Holidays in Russia”, “Christmas in Moscow”, “Russian Language in Moscow” and “Summer in Moscow”. These revolve around spending a vacation in Russia, attending intensive Russian classes and getting the chance to explore the city by means of excursions and guided tours.

Courses of business Russian have been specially developed for those who are either planning to work in Russia or who would like a shorter, more intensive period of study to improve their ability to communicate in this expanding sphere. Business Russian is available at all levels and classes will be arranged at a time convenient to the client, including morning and evening lessons.

Our Russian+ programmes are the best example of the courses we provide to those who are more interested in getting to know the culture, history and traditions of Russia. Excursions, activities and demonstrations will be interspersed with classes of Russian language, and are perfect for those who wish to learn Russian while at the same time experiencing the rich fabric of everyday Russian life!

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