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Accredited Coach Training Course - Important Update

Our 5 Day Breakthrough Life Coaching course is now accredited by the Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance (ANZCAL). As well as having the peace of mind that you are studying for an accredited qualification, you will also have the opportunity to join ANZCAL as an individual member too. On completion of the 5 day training, you will receive a Certificate in Life Coaching and the confidence and qualification to be able to practice as a Life Coach in NZ. In summary, this means you can be assured of our course’s recognised quality and excellence in training standards, and the confidence and credibility that comes with a prestigious qualification like this.

Whatever your motivation, you are definitely in the right place. We are committed to giving you the tools, techniques, strategies and advanced skills necessary to become a great coach. The knowledge, confidence and qualifications you gain will allow you to unleash your own unique coaching talent and energy, and to make a huge difference enriching the lives of others.

Professional Training for the New Zealand Coaching Profession and Anyone Looking For The Skills That Transform People’s Lives

  • Are you looking to become a trained and qualified life coach?
  • Perhaps you are wanting to set up your own business as a coach?
  • Or maybe it’s something you simply want to add to your current skill set?

The Breakthrough Life Coaching 5 Day Program – Who this training is designed for:

  • Those already working professionally as coaches, therapists, personal trainers and other practitioner helping others, who want to take their practitioner skills to the next level and help their clients to even better results.
  • Professionals and managers wanting to become more confident and competent as communicators, influencers and mentors. Leadership and breakthrough tools you simply won’t learn anywhere else.
  • Those working in areas such as personal development, sports performance, teaching, health and wellness, business and HR. In fact, any field where the empowerment, coaching and development of others is a priority.
  • Anybody interested in their own self-growth and personal development, seeking greater clarity, confidence and focus. Our course is especially well suited to anyone who feels they are at a "crossroads" in their life, wanting renewed energy and direction for their way forwards.

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