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Many Indian students have started seeing MBBS in Nepal as an option worth considering. In the lap of the magnificent Himalayas, Nepal stands proudly as a study abroad option, growing in importance. A ‘developing’ nation means opportunities, for social as well as economic development. Nepal is a rapidly developing nation and education in Nepal comes with incentives. For anyone interested in studying social and economic development, the environment, humanities and intern opportunities, study abroad in Nepal is good.

Why MBBS in Nepal?

Highly Qualified Faculty from India: Owing to the close proximity with India, a lot of highly qualified teachers from India teach in medical colleges in Nepal. Colleges in Nepal offer attractive packages to Indian faculty members to ensure that standard of teaching is never compromised.

Low Fee and Installment System : The cost of doing MBBS is very reasonable as compared to countries like China, Russia or Western countries. Prospective students may also opt for installment schemes to pay the fee. Moreover, the living cost in Nepal is not very expensive. In addition to that, the cost of travelling from India to Nepal is negligible and doesn’t require any kind of documentation. If you are studying abroad, there are many documentation hassles that may restrict your visit or your family’s visit while you are studying.

Courses Approved by Medical Council of India: The most important reason would be this. MBBS colleges in Nepal are approved by the Medical Council of India. That means, you can complete your education in Nepal and come back to India and immediately start practicing. Nepal also has its own governing body called the Nepal Medical Council that oversees the functioning of the medical colleges in Nepal.

High Pass Percentage in MCI screening Test– As you might know, you have to clear the MCI Screening Test if you have studied medical outside India before you can practice medical in India. Fortunately, the pass percentage of students passing out from MBBS colleges in Nepal is very high because the education standards and syllabus are almost the same. That makes it very easy for the students to clear the exam.

Tie-up with Top Medical Colleges in India: Medical Colleges in Nepal have a very close relationship with their Indian counterparts. They have tie-ups with India colleges and participate in student exchange programs. This fosters a sense of competitiveness and as a result the quality of education is never hindered.

Procedure of MBBS in Nepal:-

The medical course in Nepal has certain rules and regulations to be followed. The students have to obey those rules regularly and strictly. Nepal MBBS Entrance Exam 2018 for the students who would like to study MBBS in Nepal should meet the eligibility criteria stipulated by the college. No relaxation will be given to students as far as eligibility is concerned.

Duration of Course
In Nepal, the duration of the medical course is 5.5 years. Education duration will be 4.5 years and 1 year will be the internship for students.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Nepal:-

  • Low tuition fee
  • Advanced course
  • Education standard is par
  • Well-trained staffs
  • Medical practice will be given to students during course in progress
  • Valid course certification
  • Good accommodation

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