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137 Km north of the Equator, Singapore has been the only Asian country for many years to have AAA Credit Rating by the ‘Big Three’ credit rating agency which holds around 95% of Global Market share. This means, Singapore tops the league of extraordinary countries like China, India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan in Credit Rating.Consequently, this country holds the world’s eleventh largest foreign reserves and incorporated more than 7000 multi-national corporations guaranteeing plentiful of career opportunities for professionals working in the international market. For this reason, study in Singapore has become a top preference of study abroad seekerswho have limited budget to spend on tertiary education. Consult with our expert overseas education consultants for Singapore forthwith, to accumulate information to study in Singapore.

Study programmes offered by universities and business schools from Singapore cover a mix of team work, interactive class discussions, and a focus on acquiring critical thinking and problem-solving skills. MBA degrees integrate a strong alignment of curriculum, assessment, instruction and practical experience.

Singapore has a worldwide reputation in terms of high standard education, research opportunities and innovative teaching and learning.

The best thing about studying in Singapore is its proximity to India which reduces the expanses incurred in this country as compared to major destinations like USA, UK, Canada or Australia(cheapest mba in singapore). You can balance out your costs if you plan your expenses wisely (for e.g. use public transport which is quite extensive & affordable there.)


Singapore degree has been accredited as one of the best and reputed Master’s degree in the world, appreciating the holder with recognition and promises a rising career afterwards. Students who successfully complete the course after a sound performance confirms their chances of getting a high salaried job in the international market. Foreign study in Singapore consultants with Global Opportunities explain on the degrees and courses available in Singapore Universities and their recognition at international forum.


  • The candidates are required to hold a bachelor’s degree,ideallyfrom a reputable institution and should have scored well throughout.
  • The certified copies of the original transcripts/mark sheets/certificates are to be submitted to the university. Original transcripts in English should be certified as true copies of the official of the institution that issued document or from a notary public solicitor.
  • Scores of common placement examinations like GMAT whichincludes good analytical writing assessment, verbal, and quantitative aptitude to test the students’ understanding of the relevant field are to be sent to the university with the overall scores.
  • Students whose undergraduate or graduate degrees were not taught in English are to appear in IELTS or TOEFL exams and submit its scores to the respective school.
  • A detailed CV pertaining information like position(s) held, key responsibility areas, achievements, international experience (if any), should be mailed to the university, since all universities and institutions require students to hold minimum 2-3 years of work experience. However, there are institutions where this criterion is not mandatory.
  • Documents regarding course fee and sufficient living expenses during your stay in Singapore for the duration of the course are to be sent to the institution as a proof to support your financial planning.
  • Two letters of recommendations from the professors with their contact information is generally asked by Singapore universities. Institutions in Singapore also desire to know why you want to pursue the optedcourse of study and thus, a statement of purpose mentioning the reasons should also be attached to the documents.
  • Certified copies of birth certificates or identity proofs and medical reports are additionally attached tothe previously mentioned documents.

MBA students in Singapore will have the chance to learn from the best and business schools from Singapore offer a number of MBA specialisations, in finance, marketing, strategy and organisation, real estate, healthcare management and more.

The name “Lion City” that was given to Singapore is related to its great economic and financial success, as the city is one of the four “Asian Tiger” economies (along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan). Global Finance Magazine placed Singapore in top three of the wealthiest nations in the world. Singapore itself is basically all about business, investment and entrepreneurship, all the things that interest future successful business people.

Well-known for the high standard education, worldwide employers will always be impressed by MBA graduates that gained their knowledge and skills in Singapore.

International students that are searching for an ideal place to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, should give Singapore a serious thought. Nicknamed “the Lion City”, Singapore is known for its business world as one of the freest, most innovative, and most competitive ones, making this city own a leading position in terms of successful global affairs.

What makes Singapore such a popular study destination, including for prospective MBA students, is a combination of world-class education, a large number of scholarship opportunities, high employability rate after graduation and the multicultural environment.

According to a UNESCO report, more than 50,000 international students arrive in Singapore each year and it was rated the 6th best student city in the world by QS World University Rankings. Due to a melting-pot society, international students don’t have any problem with adjusting to the bustling Singapore. Here are other good reasons that make this city a place worth considering for a degree abroad.

Most business administration courses have a core module, enabling students to attain key concepts of a general management education. The curriculum then advances to more complex topics, meant to teach students how to succeed in the global business environment.

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