MS In Canada For Indian Students

ms in canada for indian students


Being a bilingual country, Canada is considered a world leader in language training. Students can consider to study in Canada and learn either English or French as a secondary language which is an inherent part of the Canadian education. Fluency and capacity for either language improve with more practice during studies. As aforeign student in Canada, students enjoy similar freedomas Canadians do – respect for human rights, equality, stability & peaceful society. Canadians are open minded and friendly in personality. Consequently, the United Nations consistently ranked Vancouver, Toronto & Calgary as three of the top 5 liveable places in the world for many years.The Educational framework and high living standards in Canada are amongst the loftiest in the world, unlike the cost of living and tuition fees for international students which are generally lower than the United States, the United Kingdom and 27 other countries in the world. As such, Canada is often a preferred choice for students around the world to pursue their higher studies. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those attained from the United States or Commonwealth countries. Canada’s highest academic infrastructure and rigorous quality controls mean grasping a superior quality education that will open doors for the future and benefit the career in the long run.

Like most of the educational hubs of the world, Canada also dispense Master’s degree in all programs of study like:

  • Business Administration - All Specializations
  • Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Health Care / Nursing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Computers / Information Systems / Network & Telecommunications
  • Media / Visual & Performing Arts
  • Education
  • Management / Sports Management

Furthermore, because of changing market trends, more courses are being regularly added to the Canadian curriculum. You can speak to our expert study abroad consultants for Canada to get complete details of courses and activities, different Canadian Educational Institutions offer to their students. Global Opportunities Pvt. Ltd. incorporates industry’s best Canadian education counsellors who carry immense experience in admissions for Master in Canada and have helped thousands of Indian students to study in almost all educational institutions available in Canada. Even though, most of the students are worried about their GMAT scores to qualify for studying in any renowned Canadian University, very less students know that they can do Masters in Canada without appearing for GMAT.

Advantages of pursuing a degree in Business from Canada

A degree obtained from Canada in the field of Business benefits students in the following ways: -

  • MBA colleges in Canada are affordable and offer an internationally recognized degrees.
  • Admissions and student visa procedures are very simple.
  • Business programs by Canadian institutions enhance the career opportunities and earning potentials of students.
  • Institutions here focus majorly on increasing the knowledge base and help students explore all the disciplines of the business world.
  • Students get an opportunity to build strong relations with fellow mates belonging to different cultural backgrounds.
  • The course curriculum at Canadian institutions includes internship programs. These help students work in the real business world and gain better insights of the industry they'll be working in.

MBA in Canada for Indian Students

espite having over 3000 B-schools all over India, there are hardly any MBA colleges apart from IIMs and few private colleges like XLRI & ISB that stands at par with International standards. Moreover, the competition is so high that out of 2 lakh applicants only 1% students reach these top B-schools. Meanwhile, due to lack of quality educational institutes and rising competition, more and more students are moving out to pursue education abroad under International environment to have global exposure.

IIMs are a league apart, so choosing a foreign university over IIMs hardly makes any sense. Therefore, the question boils down to whether to pursue a degree from an average B-schools in India or to look for an option abroad?

When it comes to foreign countries that provide world-class MBA programs US, UK, Canada and Australia are some of the most favored countries that students look to explore. Due to very tough restrictions on international students who want to stay and work in US and UK, Canada and Australia are becoming the next potential destination by attracting the talented students to their programs.

But would it be worth it to study MBA from a country like Canada? Are there any major benefits of studying in Canada? What will be the cost of studying in Canada? Is there any salary difference between India and Canada? How long would it take to get a return on your investment keeping in mind the high expenses?

These are some critical questions that, I believe, every MBA aspirant encounters while thinking of studying abroad. Let us critically analyze the major benefits of studying MBA in Canada over studying in India

MBA Canada is designed for current mid-career professionals seeking to advance into executive and leadership positions. Through challenging coursework and interactive learning with other professionals and quality faculty, students of MBA Canada graduate with a solid business foundation and leadership skills to enter into the competitive global market. With an MBA Canada, graduates often go on to careers in higher management and executive positions in small and large companies.

If you are currently a business professional and are considering going back to school, then an EMBA Canada may be the education you are looking for. Scroll through the options below and take the next step toward your goals!

MBA Canada, A Canadian MBA degree is highly regarded, making an MBA in Canada will be attractive to many international students. Among Canada’s beautiful natural scenery lies a welcoming environment that carries a high quality of life. Many researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs have helped develop Canada into one of the most intellectually stimulating places to learn.

An MBA in Canada will provide students with top-notch education making graduates highly sought after in the competitive business job market. MBA Canada programs are often enhanced by internships, international exchanges, professional certifications, and specialization areas. In addition to core business coursework, students pursuing an MBA in Canada will focus on leadership and management, corporate social responsibility, sustainable innovation, and international business.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that takes about two years of study to receive. Individuals who earn this degree gain important knowledge and experience within the fields of business and management, and may be able to find a job quickly due to their improved proficiencies.

Online MBA and EMBA programs are designed for continuing personal development in the business field and are offered by a number of leading universities and business schools around the world. Online Business programs are numerous and available in virtually all countries. Most popular online business programs are International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Management, Leadership, and Project Management.

What is a 1-year MBA in MBA?
A Master of Business Administration is a program that teaches students about different aspects of business operations. A one-year program is completed within a year’s time, offering students the chance to fast track their education. Students typically have a foundation in business, so this program will offer more in-depth on topics that include economics, management, marketing and operations. Programs may allow students to specialize in a specific area of interest such as finance or human resource management.

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