Studying Art and Design at a Malaysia University

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Studying Art and Design at a Malaysia University

The arts and design is the study of creating and performing works of art, music, dance and drama; and includes the study of design. This field aims to develop an understanding of the artistic and technical aspects of the creation, production and performance of music, dance and drama, as well as of design and craft. It also includes the study of the history, development and theory of performing arts, fine arts, visual arts, design and more. In performing arts you will acquire the skills to arrange, transcribe and conduct musical compositions and scores, play musical instruments, sing as a soloist or member of a group. You may learn to critique, choreograph and produce performances. In design and fine arts, you will use techniques to harmonise line, colour, design and form; develop ideas for artistic presentation; and select artistic media, methods and materials to produce artistic objects and creations.

In Fine Arts, you will find courses that prepare or develop your abilities to use materials and media to create two-and three-dimensional visual effects. You will study a combination of these subjects: art, drawing, design, theory of colour, calligraphy, silk-screen printing, lithography, etching, painting, sculpture, visual and spatial relationships, textiles, basic form and design. You will learn to use your skills to communicate ideas and express emotion.

Courses in fashion, interior and industrial design will teach you the theories, techniques and creative processes involved in the design of clothing (for fashion); living and working spaces (for interior design); and industrial products such as medical and manufacturing equipment, electronic appliances, furniture and automobiles (for industrial design). You will learn to apply problem-solving, visualization and creative processes to develop the function, form and appearance of a range of products.

In the sub-field of music, you will learn the principles, forms and techniques to the creation and arrangement of tonal combinations and sequences in harmonic, rhythmic or melodic forms. These can be performed on musical instruments, or as a vocal performance, either solo or in ensemble. Core subject matters include music history, harmony, counterpoint, aural theory, orchestration, arranging and composition. In performing arts, you will develop your abilities to create and present live performances through the theories and development of human expressive modalities. You will learn a combination of the following: acting, voice and diction, stagecraft, mime, oral interpretation, choreography, dance technique, production techniques, directing, playwriting, design and movement.

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