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Why Study in Insaniah University College

NSANIAH University College is a university college owned by the State Government of Kedah Darul Aman registered under the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. INSANIAH University College was known as the Islamic Religion Institute of Kedah Darul Aman. Their academic year begun in 1996, using the Arabic language for communication while making the English language a compulsory course. The college uses the term system to match the system used in the Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

The objective of the early establishment of the university college is to produce more professionals who can lead the Islamic community and expand knowledge on Islam. The institute upgraded to a university college in 2006 after a series of changes to suit and prepare students in facing new challenges.

nsaniah University College is the very first Islamic University in northern Malaysia. It is a higher educational institution that offers world quality, innovative and holistic academic programmes for producing well-rounded individuals. The programmes offered are a mix of traditional Islamic-based as well as current fields such as Islamic theology, English, research Methodology and so on.

The medium of instruction for all courses is English, although the importance of the National Language will be emphasised in all activities of the University. Insaniah University College will provide language support for students before and during their degree studies to ensure an acceptable level of fluency.

Counselling offers a variety of positive benefits which can enhance student's life greatly. Counselling can be of great support to students during the transition of change and at Insaniah University College, C.A.S.U. counsellors are professionally qualified and offer free and confidential support to all its students. Students who are overawed by life on campus may visit our experienced counsellors who will assist them to cope with the intricacies and complexities of university life.Studies shows students receiving comprehensive guidance and counseling would significantly increase their CGPA achievement. Our counselors have the time, the resources, and comprehensive guidance program to facilitate students in improving their CGPA. C.A.S.U. also offers workshops, group counseling, self-help materials and professional guidance in managing Exam Stress, Sleep Management, Anxiety and Panic, Concentration, Conflict with Others, Homesickness, Loneliness, Mindfulness, Parental Separation, Perfectionism, Phobias, Procrastination, Self-Esteem, Mental Block and help deal with many other issues that can be overcomed through counseling.

Hostel accommodation is provided for all students, whether local, out-of-town or overseas students. These residences are shared by groups of four to twelve students and are within walking distance to the Student Centre that contains shops, a cafeteria and ATM Teller Machine. The University's accommodation package includes three meals a day at the cafeteria.


Students have to introspect before planning to study abroad in MALAYSIA. It is necessary to make awell-versed decision before you plan foranoverseas higher education. The country has emerged as a leading study abroad destination known for its top-quality education. Here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldchoose to study in the US:

1. Modern Amenities
Live Comfortably as a student here in Malaysia. We have very good transportation system with world-class highways that connect all the States in Peninsula Malaysia. Travelling within the city is very convenient with light rail system, buses and taxis.

2.The people
Malaysia is blessed with warm moderate weather all year round. No

3.Reputable Universities
Malaysia is a top choice of many international students who wants to obtain good reputable degrees atm very low fees.

4. No language Barrier
The majority of the people in Malaysia understand and converse well in English.

5.Places of interest
There are lots of interesting places to visit: ranging from nature (beach, mountains, jungles, rivers and caves), historical places, cultural destinations and shopping.

6.Work opportunities
There are plenty of work opportunities available for international students. On a student visa, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week through the semester; during vacations you can work up to 40 hours. So, instead of having to worry about finances, you get to supplement your education with income. You may even be able to nab internships and other practical work. The international studies office at your university can help you find a job to sustain you during your time in New Zealand. Another great thing is that you can get a permit at the end of your degree program and work for 12 months in the country under a special “work permit” that is alongside your student visa, which is what we’ll look at closer in the last point.

7.Food heaven
Malaysia being multi-cultural has a large variety of food, cooked in a lot of different styles that have been influenced by the various cultures that exist in the country including popular food from neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Also there are many western food available in Malaysia too.

8.Living expenses are very low
International students can live comfortably with just RM1100 a month inclusive of food, accomodation and other daily expenses.

9. Friendly people
Malaysians are very friendly making your stay here a memorable and enjoyable one.

10.Diverse Culture
As an international student, you can experience student life in multi-cultural Malaysia.

Education system in Malaysia - Best Universities in Malaysia

The higher education system is governed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. There are two types of institutions: colleges and universities. Malaysia is also well known for being home to branch campuses of foreign institutions at affordable tuition rates. Examples of such universities are Monash University, Swinburne University of Technology, Curtin University of Technology, University of Nottingham, Raffles Design Institute and SAE Institute.

Colleges: Colleges in Malaysia mostly function as independent institutions, and they do not have any university statuses. Colleges are meant for transiting into the university level of education. Hence, most Malaysian colleges offer undergraduate degrees or bridge courses for students.

Universities: A number of universities in Malaysia offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. In addition, parent campuses of some of the top universities in countries like the UK, Australia and Ireland have established branch campuses in Malaysia. Branch campuses offer an equivalent degree to students, similar to what they offer at parent campuses, but at an affordable cost.

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Study options

Academic intakes vary from institution to institution. Most Malaysian universities have academic intakes in late February and in mid-July. Some universities (branch campuses) might have intakes in October or second or third round offer intakes.

University of Malaya offers undergraduate or postgraduate in architecture, which usually have intakes from September. Some popular engineering courses are available at Malaysian universities, which mostly commence from February or June.

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