Transferring to a New University

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Transferring to a New University

When changing the degree type in the same subject area and when switching between content-related (affinal) study programs, equivalent examination or study credits will be recognized. The decision will be made by the responsible examination board on a case-by-case basis. If not accepted beforehand, the study assessment test has to be passed successfully until the beginning of classes of the fourth semester of studies. Otherwise the students‘ claim for examination expires. The chair of the examination board may approve a form for deadline extension if the student is not responsible for the missing of the deadline. Students that did not conclusively pass interim, preliminary, or final exams at another university, or use up a right to examination entry for whatever reason, will not be admitted to the University of Stuttgart for that particular or a related study program. Students from non-EU countries in most cases may only change the study subject or subject combination up until the end of the third semester. Otherwise, the residence permit frequently will not be extended. Please inform yourself in a timely manner with your responsible Alien Registration Office. If you are receiving BAföG [de] support, you should get information about a possible extension from the responsible Financial Aid Office in a timely manner. Changing the study program after the second regular semester may result in the BaföG application being rejected.

A change to a study program in the third or later university semester is conditioned on a subject-specific counseling (Section 60 Para. 2 Nr. 5 LHG) When applying for admission from the third university semester on, you must attach a Certification of subject-specific counseling [de]. You must print out the above-mentioned certification and have it signed by the responsible academic advisor. In this case, the certification serves also as evidence of the orientation programs.

Officially classified as severely disabled (according to SGB IX). Please attach a notarized copy of the ID for the severely disabled or the relevant recognition of disability letter. Only apartment or principal residence with a spouse and/or children in an area assigned to the place of study. Please enclose the certificate from the responsible registration office. Admission to another university would have substantial adverse consequences. Given consideration here in particular are your health, family, or financial circumstances as well as academic grounds. Please enclose the relevant documents and be aware that strict standards are applied in these cases.

The criteria for the entrance examination differ among the various study programs. They are listed in the Selection Criteria and Admissions Regulations. Most of the study programs administer the entrance examination just once a year in the winter semester. Therefore, in the summer semester in the respective Bachelor’s study programs, there is no (or a very limited) possibility of admission to a higher regular semester.

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