Transferring to a New University

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Transferring to a New University

The University Transfer Program is one of our most popular offerings at the American College of Dubai, we place great importance on the University Transfer Program because it enables UAE-based students to complete much of the basic coursework required by all universities abroad in almost every academic area of choice in Dubai before physically transferring to a university overseas or in the UAE from which they intend to earn a degree. At the heart of the University Transfer Program is the US university system which requires all students be exposed to a wide range of general subjects before deciding to specialize in any one area. Studying at Colleges and Universities in the USA is growing in popularity, and the University Transfer Program provides an additional route to this destination.

We understand that some students may wish to begin their university studies in the UAE with the goal of transferring to universities overseas in countries like the US, UK or Canada to complete their degrees. This journey starts with the American College of Dubai, where most students in the University Transfer Program undertake classes for one or two years, before transferring credits earned to degree-granting institutions in the USA and other countries, including the UAE if they wish to remain closer to home. The University Transfer Program is specifically recommended for students who wish to obtain a degree in an area of study not available at the American College of Dubai or in the UAE.

The American system of higher education is uniquely designed for this type of transfer since the General Education Requirements are taken during the first and second year of university and are a standard part of all university curriculums in the USA. This can enable students to earn up to 60 credits (approximately two years of university study) before transferring to the USA and other countries to obtain their degrees.

The American College of Dubai, with its US curriculum, offers its specific combination of the General Education Requirements listed above with each bearing its own course code reflecting its course/subject content. The ACD curriculum is wide enough to provide the transfer requirements for many areas of concentration apart from Business and Engineering/Technology. Students desiring degrees in Agriculture, Geology, Law, Medicine, Communications, Education, or Architecture, for example, are all able to complete a part of their degree at ACD before transferring. Students planning their academic schedules with transfer in mind are assigned a counselor who will help them make the right selection of courses in the proper sequence. For those who decide to change their “major” or degree concentration during their stay at ACD, the counselor will facilitate the change by assigning the necessary courses in line with a student’s new degree requirements.

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